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ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THINGS : the rewards of collaboration

Working with artist Elisabeth Smolarz on her epic book and participatory art project

It's been a great privilege to have played a role in Elisabeth Smolarz's amazing journey these past few years. A beautiful selection of works from Elisabeth’s ongoing series Encyclopedia of Things is on view in her first solo New York gallery show at Morgan Lehman in Chelsea. Simultaneously, the book, of the same name, which I had the great privilege to collaborate on as editor, and which includes contributions from 40 incredible writers across a range of disciplines, makes its debut at Printed Matter's NY Art Book Fair, just blocks away, with Spector Books. The book is also currently included in an exhibition at MMuseum. So much to celebrate at one time. Congratulations Elisabeth!!

If you would like to purchase the Encyclopedia of Things book, you can get a signed copy through Elisabeth's website.


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