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I specialize in supporting artists who make work that is not market-driven, who have hybrid or hard-to-define practices (i.e., socially engaged, interdisciplinary, research-based, time-based, ephemeral, etc.), and artists who are vulnerable to the inequities of the art world due to age, gender identity, cultural/ethnic background, caretaking/parenting status, and disability. Most of my clients have established themselves professionally and seek help to achieve higher-profile opportunities and greater sustainability. I also work with arts/cultural organizers and small organizations.

Together, we clarify how to frame and position your work. I offer tools and support in prioritizing and sticking to creative and career-based goals, overcoming blocks, identifying appropriate resources and opportunities, and guidance on outreach to curators, gallerists, funders, and press.


My one-on-one work is built on two decades of experience managing, directing, and curating exhibitions and artist-centered programs and initiatives for New York Arts institutions while maintaining my art practice.  As an artist, I channel the potential of magic that is ever-present within ordinary life. I believe in the transformative power of taking risks, engaging beyond our comfort zone, and of human connection and community. I apply this ethos to all the work that I do.


Types of assistance I offer: 

  • Positioning of artists' practice, through means of visibility and contextualization.

  • Writing - grant/exhibition proposals, artist/project statements, PR material.

  • Career strategy – setting goals and identifying appropriate resources and opportunities. 

  • Project management guidance for large-scale, multi-phase projects.

  • Assistance with job applications for programmatic, curatorial, and teaching positions.

  • Advocacy and coaching around sensitive communications with institutions, curators, collaborators, and press.

  • For cultural organizations: program development and grant and annual report writing.


Career strategy:


Working together begins with an initial client intake/ remote studio visit, where you walk me through your current practice, including how you are presenting and promoting your work, and we discuss your main goals and challenges. This conversation is followed by my assessment of recommended steps to take, outlining the scope of work we can do together. This proposal may include a combination of live consulting and independent work (research, editing, revision, strategy).

Proposal editing/writing:

New clients begin with a one-hour live consultation to review current drafts and application parameters, introduce your work, and strategize. This is followed by either independent, asynchronous editing and revision, a series of follow-up consultations, or a combination of both.  Examples of proposals I work on with clients: the Creative Capital Award, Guggenheim Fellowship, Pollack Krasner, US Artists, competitive residency applications, packages for teaching positions, and pitches for large-scale projects.


Package discounts and flat rates for projects are available. I am open to developing a plan that works for your budget. I offer a free 15-minute consultation to assess how we may work together.

Career Strategy:

Initial intake plus assessment: $165

Follow-up consultations: 60-min $100, 45-min $85 (10% discount on a 5-pack – the recommended minimum for effective progress)

Independent asynchronous work (research, strategy, editing, review) $50/hr 

Fundraising/Proposal Writing:

One-hour live consult: $100

In-depth proposal review (one hour of notes and suggested revisions, one hour of live strategy): $150*
*Guggenheim package of 3: $400 (In-depth proposal reviews customized specifically for the Guggenheim application)

Independent editing/ revision: $50/hour (for existing clients, min 2 hours)

*NYFA Coaching:

I offer a variety of one-off and package 40-minute coaching sessions through NYFA @ $80/session. This is for artists interested in shorter sessions or less of a commitment. Click here, scroll down to options, and click either Coaching or Package to find me!

Sample times per project type:  grant proposals (4 -12 hours); artist statements (6 -10 hours); artist bios (3 - 4 hours).

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