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I specialize in supporting artists who make work that is not market-driven, artists with hybrid and/or hard-to-define practices (i.e., socially engaged, interdisciplinary, research-based, ephemeral, etc.), and artists vulnerable to the inequities of the art world.


The majority of my clients have established themselves professionally and are working towards the next level in their careers. That said, I work with artists of all media, at all stages of their careers, as well as arts/cultural organizers, and small organizations.


Types of assistance I offer: 

  • Positioning of artists' practice, through means of visibility and contextualization.

  • Writing - grant/exhibition proposals, artist/project statements, PR material.

  • Career strategy – setting goals and identifying appropriate resources and opportunities. 

  • Project management guidance for large-scale, multi-phase projects.

  • Assistance with job applications for programmatic, curatorial, and teaching positions.

  • Advocacy and coaching around sensitive communications with institutions, curators, collaborators, and press.

  • For cultural organizations: program development and grant and annual report writing.


I offer a combination of live consultation and independent hourly work, depending on what works for you. I begin most client relationships with a one-hour "intake" studio visit (currently remote), where we look at an overview of your work over the past few years and discuss your current challenges. I then prepare an analysis and outline of the next steps to take. 


Live-consultation sessions: $85 - $150/ hour

New client one-hour intake/studio visit plus assessment: $150

Follow-up sessions are available in 45-minute and 60-minute increments.

Independent hourly work (editing, drafting, revising, research):  $45 - $50/ hour (with a two-hour minimum) 


Sample times per project type:  grant proposals (4 -12 hours); artist statements (6 -10 hours); artist bios (3 - 4 hours).

Discounts and package deals available. I am open to developing a plan that works for your budget.

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