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An artist's path to success requires constant perseverance and ingenuity. It is a long game — one propelled forward by believing eyes – people we trust who see our unique abilities and reflect this vision back to us.​  


I work with artists across disciplines to emphasize your strengths toward achieving the next level of success.


Assistance with grant, residency, and exhibition proposals; artist and project statements; press releases and curatorial text. 

Goal setting; positioning hybrid and hard-to-define practices; online presence; identifying resources and opportunities;

Project management.



Guidance navigating and communicating sensitive professional matters with galleries, institutions, partners, funders, and press. 


Michelle has a rare ability to look at art problems from all angles. Her decades-long experience as an artist, curator, and art worker, grants her an invaluable 360-degree perspective.


I have been working with Michelle on art and book projects, grant writing, my artist statement, and website re-design. Her skill to oscillate between the micro and the macro reveals solutions quickly, taking into account every aspect of the art world. She has helped me tremendously in bringing to light the hidden aspects of my practice. 

Elisabeth Smolarz, artist, Queens, NY

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